Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, it is the last day of 2007! Let us see what 2008 holds for us all??? I have created an astore on amazon and linked it to this blog. It's easy - just go to the home page and sign up as an affiliate (the term is Amazon Associate). My biggest problem is driving traffic to this site. Google Adsense is reporting no page impressions and or clicks (there are one or two page impressions but I know these are mine!). So my mission now is to learn to see if I can get traffic to my site. My first priority is to get traffic to this blogspot without paying a cent... How to do this??? Once I find out I will post my learning on this blog.

Happy new year to y'all!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

When I started this blog (just a few days ago) my primary aims were to explore the new web environment of blogging (learn to actually build a blog) and the "social" internet as well as to find out about ways of making money online.

I am certainly learning a lot. The reality is that it takes dedication, innovation, hard work and creativity to succeed online. No news here :-).

The sad truth is that it appears that many people are paying hard earned money to ebook publishers where these ebooks seem not really to be worth it. e.g. "internet million dollars".

I am thinking of turning this blog into a review site concerning the many money making ideas and products that are out there on the web. I just need to think about the implications etc. Right now this blog records my progress ...

As I learn and read and research,I think that this blog will change to fit a yet to emerge market niche and to offer something of value to those out there who are interested in the topics of blogging and making money on the internet.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make Money online

The title says it all. I put up this blog in order to research this topic and to try my hand at building a blog.

I certainly have learnt a lot in the past few days about building a blog which makes very easy.

As to making money on line, there are basically two ways - 1)make money selling/affiliating to products that are about promoting the making of money by using/manupulating the "online environment" and 2)building a website or blog that has quality information about an interest or hobby or product or service which others become attracted to based on the quality of the site and its alignment to their own interest(s).

So where does that leave this site? I don't know. Time for some reflection. There are lots of what I would call scams out there realting to this topic. So I guess this site needs to make a stand/take a position.

Watch this space...

Friday, December 28, 2007

So far so good

Well, that is it for the day. Learnt a lot today. Changed the whole blog. Added a newsfeed from Celeb watch USA today. having fun but so far no one has clicked anything on this blog. Did a lot of R&D on the money making sites like Get Google Ads Free. Some say this one is a scam but I may not be buying their product so I do not know for sure. Caveat emptor I suppose. I think I may sign up as an affiliate of theirs (if it is at no cost) to see if this will result in any traffic to my site and click thrus on my Google adsense items. Wow, no wonder Google has such a high market cap... they have certainly changed the world. My only wish is that I hope this Government of Ours in SA gets moving with the introduction of the infrastructure to facilitate cheap broadband.

Learning to blog... learning to commercialise the blog

I have been looking around at other blogs and it makes me realise that this blog is quite clunky at this stage of its life. I have added some google adsense buttons in the hope of seeing what happens regarding this blog's ability to actually make money on the net. I saw a very good chinese blog. Seriously amazing. I think which I am using should come up with a 3 column template (maybe they have but I have not see this... could just be blind)... I have just started this blog. Just started with the efforts to build the blog... cutting and pasting html etc etc.. Right now the mission is to get this blog to not be so clunky... I'll keep you posted...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Any good ideas out there

I have been doing a lot of browsing on this topic and I am mostly led to sites and blogs that would like me to buy products that will help me to make money on the net.

There are so many of these products and I cannot buy them all. But I think that among them ther must be a really good one that contains unique IP that would really help in one being able to derive income from activity on the net.

Does anyone know of such a product or a review site for such products? Which of these can we trust?

Come to think of it, I did buy an eBook once from some professor for a fairly large sum (for the value I received that is)...

Make Money on the Web

Ever since the netscape days, I have been intrigued by the internet and the way in which it has changed the world. I have decided to turn my interest into a hobby and to try to see if all the hype that has attended the net since the advent of the first "killer-app", namely the browser (remember the Netscape days and then the Microsoft reaction???). In South Africa where I live, this all happened in the early 90's (Dinosaur era in IT timelines...). In this country, this was at about the same time mobile phones started.

How the world has changed in the time since then....

Anyway, what I would like to do on this blog is to attend to the matter of doing business on the internet as a single individual in a country in Africa. I want to try to distill from the "fog-of-war" that seems perpetually to characterise the action in cyberspace/the blogosphere/the virtual world or whatever the latest buzz words are out there to describe the incredible phenomenon that is the Net....

I have a particular interest at this time as to what the Web 2 and 3 implications are for the large enterprises such as the fortune 500 and how they will be impacted.

Will we live to see history regard current commercial software as the "buggy-whips" of old which were made obsolete by the more fundamental shift from horse and steam power to "oil-power"?

We live in a time of immense and seriously disruptive change... Ice-caps melting (??), social networking taking off... the virtual world paralleling the real world...
what does it all mean and where will it end...

Enough meandering .. let's find out what works and what doesn't regarding making money on the net, shall we?

This is my first post - I see I still need to edit it a bit but "gotta run"...

My aim is to make regular postings regarding my research... I also see I need to fix my profile!!!