Sunday, December 30, 2007

When I started this blog (just a few days ago) my primary aims were to explore the new web environment of blogging (learn to actually build a blog) and the "social" internet as well as to find out about ways of making money online.

I am certainly learning a lot. The reality is that it takes dedication, innovation, hard work and creativity to succeed online. No news here :-).

The sad truth is that it appears that many people are paying hard earned money to ebook publishers where these ebooks seem not really to be worth it. e.g. "internet million dollars".

I am thinking of turning this blog into a review site concerning the many money making ideas and products that are out there on the web. I just need to think about the implications etc. Right now this blog records my progress ...

As I learn and read and research,I think that this blog will change to fit a yet to emerge market niche and to offer something of value to those out there who are interested in the topics of blogging and making money on the internet.

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