Friday, December 28, 2007

So far so good

Well, that is it for the day. Learnt a lot today. Changed the whole blog. Added a newsfeed from Celeb watch USA today. having fun but so far no one has clicked anything on this blog. Did a lot of R&D on the money making sites like Get Google Ads Free. Some say this one is a scam but I may not be buying their product so I do not know for sure. Caveat emptor I suppose. I think I may sign up as an affiliate of theirs (if it is at no cost) to see if this will result in any traffic to my site and click thrus on my Google adsense items. Wow, no wonder Google has such a high market cap... they have certainly changed the world. My only wish is that I hope this Government of Ours in SA gets moving with the introduction of the infrastructure to facilitate cheap broadband.

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