Monday, January 14, 2008

So far so good. After cleaning up this site and reinstating the Google Adsense Leader to a position above the fold, I have noticed in the past three days a small uptick in my Google Adsense Revenues. Now to go slightly off the point. But I believe to a relevant point! I have noticed that my sent packets on my Local Area Connection seemed to be suspiciously high. Why should I be sending so much when I am actually doing a lot of browsing? AND ADSL broadband where I am is far too expensive (this is another topic for another time or maybe even another blog). So what? Well I found a great site and I copied their code in about Top 5 Security Threats - see top right. There is no affiliate or referral on this link, but if, you, like me have always been suspicious of the processes running in task manager then this is just the site you need to use to analyze the processes running on your PC. So after doing the following: 1) reviewing my processes 2) running my disk cleanup and 3) ensuring I have up to date MS Windows XP updates and after rebooting, I find my network packets sent to be way down. Although this post is not directly about blogging, it will help you to keep your PC safe from unwanted intrusion while you are online and blogging.

In my planned Blog Posts to come I will be giving tips on: 1. Adding NAVBAR to this Blog, 2) Adding a TAG Cloud 3) Adding a Blog Roll. After that I will look at adding social bookmarking and tagging. So please subscribe to this site (click on the Orange Button to get updates through the feeder (which I have has burnt on and visit this blog frequently). I realize NOW that I have an audience and I need to improve the quality of information on this site.

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