Monday, January 14, 2008

How do I put icons or adverts in a grid or table?

Blog Tip of the day. When I started with Blogger, I thought that "add page element" meant just to add only one page element at a time. But then I looked at sites like and I was not impressed by how amateurish my puny little site looked in comparison. OK his site is not hosted on Blogger I see, but I like using Blogger and I do not want a separately hosted site. Anyway, one of the first things I asked myself was how to maximize the use of the blog space especially above the fold, for both my content AND my Google AdSense ads??? Well for those of us who have been following the changes to this blog since December 27 last year (...Thanks for the fealty), I would venture to say that this blog has improved?? N'est pas?. TIP - see the Google AdSense and Google AdWords Buttons at the top right of this page. How did I place them together like that? Simple. Follow these steps for Blogger (and any other blog for that matter):
1. Log into AdSense and get the code for both buttons;
2. Paste the code for both buttons into a notepad file;
3. Place the code for an HTML table cell around each of these "button" codes you got from AdSense. See pic to the right for what I mean;
4. When Happy save the Notepad file;
5. When in Blogger, Template, Page Elements, Add a page element, HTML element, copy the code from the notepad file into the window, save the page element and preview your blog.

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