Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do Not Give Up your Day Job

Hi! Like I said in a few earlier posts: blogging is hard work. It takes time. It tests your writing and proof reading skills. Especially if you are new to it. And if you are new to the concepts of the Publishing and Advertising industries. Blogging is Publishing and Advertising with a twist! It is "Citizen Journalism" about absolutely EVERYTHING... and then some! It is always online. There are millions of publishers. Always posting. Around the world. 24x7x365 x +-1Billion internet users who could potentially turn into bloggers - OK maybe not so many! Recent stats put USA based Blogs at approx 110 million. How many blogs in China? How many in India? Europe? Rest of Asia? Rest of Americas? Australia? Africa? Many Blogs. Many people. As to Blog topics, I think that one should (unless it is really your genuine and burning passion overriding all others) be careful not to make your blog about blogging to make money. There are so many of these blogs out there and quite frankly I think they are boring and encourage "get rich quick mentality" in people. This site is mutating into a site about how to blog on Google's Blogger Platform and how to monetize (any site) using Google AdSense and AdWords [at least giving examples of where to place the code for these products - is all for now]. Internet Marketing, the Social Web and Web 2.0 technologies are indeed very exciting and interesting and "majorly" time consuming, especially when you start on the learning curve. This site is now tending in the direction of learning to blog by means of following the author's voyage of discovery in respect of the very nature of blogging itself...

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