Sunday, January 13, 2008

So this is what I have learnt so far (continued from my last post):
1. It is now no longer enough to put up a site, stick some Google AdSense links onto the site and hope for the best (it never was enough!) - You need to get much more information about how to succeed in this area. You must read a lot and try out what you learn. If you find what works for you then you have distilled the correct essence from the information overload on this topic. I think you should check this click bank offer out. I have not bought it yet, but it looks like it could be genuine: AdSenseVideos
2. I think that there is good money to be made with AdSense as long as you have a good product targeted at a market of willing buyers AND as long as you can reach your market by participating in the other side of Google's service offering, which is called AdWords.
I am still looking for a good affiliate program to advertise on this blog (not just in this post). I think I might have come across one. I registered on click bank. There could be some good products there. I am also looking for a 3 column Blogger template and I came across a good site for this. They also have a pixel page for Blogs (This is Like the fabled Million Dollar Home Page) of legend and by now ancient history - I liked the idea so I decided to spend a very small amount of money on a few pixels. Go here to check it out. Still a lot of space.
Click on the pic:

I am going to sign off now, but if you feel you have maybe learnt something from this post then please leave a comment and a track back link to your site/blog and fave me on technocrati.

Two other good blogs I came across are;

1. Money Blogger Nice Neat and Clean Site - Look at the January 09 Post about changes to Google referrals.
2. What I like about this site was how it started with a blog and developed into what appears to be a good online business...

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