Friday, January 4, 2008

I went back to my day job yesterday.

The title of my blog is: Blog Make Money Online... I am wondering if it is such a good title??? The best blogs I have seen are where the content is so good. They are usually NOT about the topic of making money (except for John Chow of course). These sites get their traffic first based on their interesting content (e.g. or that nice British Cartoon blog that is on blog spot (I will try and find it again)). Once the surfer is on the site they enjoy the content and then I am sure that they probably leave by clicking an interesting link out, even if it is not a Google ad.

After building the site that I have built, I find that it to be a bit "clunky": too harsh an opinion??? Maybe? I want to place all my small icons on one line and not each on its own line for example. In addition, I want to make the title font smaller but not also have to reduce the normal text font size when I do this. I like Blogger. I will try to find ways of working these things out before blaming the tool that I am working with.

I am also thinking of building a blog on Vinny Linghams Synthasite. I signed on. It looks really good! Well happy blogging. I'll post again when I can...

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