Friday, January 4, 2008

Hi All. Just spent the last few hours looking around on the topics of blogging and learning to blog and to make money from blogging. There really is a lot of rubbish out there... BUT just when you are getting tired of wading thru BS along comes a GEM. You literally stumble across some truly good information and when you have finished reading it you think to yourself : "well there is hope of mastering the art of Blogging AND generating blog revenues, while having fun blogging".

So what have I learnt in my ramblings through the Blogosphere?

The key lessons are as follows:

1. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is;
2. The internet does give hope to people, but it is very easy to get scammed a lot of money for a generic type
ebook - reminds me of the movie I just rented from the video store called Prime Gig. If you have not seen
it you should...
3. The real key to prospering with a blog is to:
a) have very good content of value to readers;
b) have high levels of traffic visiting your site!

4. The devil is indeed in the detail as regards actually achieving internet profits. How to do this? I am still in
discovery mode.

When (If) an idea makes a profit, I will do a detailed lesson post on the idea.

Discover >Learn to Blog > Make Money Online is the process I am following.

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