Sunday, January 6, 2008

Different Time Zones and Other More Profitable Musings

It is Sunday 06 January 2008. Another day spent browsing on the topics of Blogging and Making Money with Blogs. I will be creating another blog that will be based on a three column template with a grid structure - I would like to present the best of what I have found on that site. I am still busy with that blog, so when it is ready I will activate it.

I am writing this blog in "discovery mode". The main theme of my content up to this point has been my arriving at an appropriate moral point regarding the blog title: for myself that is. One lesson is that the topics: Learn to Blog and Make Money Blogging (online) are really two different topics, one educational and the other both revenue oriented and educational.

The aim of this blog therefore will continue to be one of me tracking my Web 2.0 Discovery while I learn to blog AND at the same time while I learn about making Money Online.

I have looked at creating a blog in wordpress which is just now in a created state. I have also looked at TypePad but their platform is not free like this one is.

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