Monday, January 7, 2008

Beginners Guide To Blogging

Some Tips for Brand New Bloggers. You want to blog but do not know how. FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

1. You can create a very powerful blog for free on Blogger ( OR This is Google's blogging platform. Best of all it is free. I use it and I am impressed with how quickly it allowed me to create a nice looking site. SIGN UP;
2. You will be asked to give your blog a URL name:, where xyz will be the name you give your blog (it can be anything - subject of course to no "bad" content (check the policy when you sign up) - No Porn etc.etc.);
3. Choose a template from among many;
4. Make your settings;
5. Once happy, save your settings;
6. Start posting!
7. In another Session sign-up with Google AdSense. You will be asked for your BlogSpot URL by AdSense which will auto-link to your blog.
8. You can also add page elements very easily. I recommend that you immediately ad Google Adsense Ads, Goto: Dashboard>Layout>Add Page Elements. Tip - if you do not see facility to add page element you need to download latest java add-on for your browser.

USE MY BLOG AS AN EXAMPLE of what you page elements you can place on your blog. I have: Google Search, Google AdSense Button, Google AdSense, Amazon Widget and others.

For Email I Use GMAIL also by Google.

Happy Blogging!

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