Thursday, January 10, 2008

Posting a Meaningful Daily Blog Entry

My New Year resolution was to master WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 (the so-called Semantic Web). I chose to do this by creating and maintaining this blog. I know that this blog's current theme is about Learn to Blog (using the theme: Make Money online). This blog is, however, slowly changing into one that gives tips to people on how to create and improve a blog. I do not keep "before and after" snapshots of my site as I change it. But this site today is a vast improvement on its first version (Idea! - i will see if I can do "B4 and After pics of my site for every major delta... )

Blogging has taken off. I think, because of the inherent desire of people to form communities. In my view the best blogs are about very good content of posts, graphics and the quality and "mass" appeal its topic. For example, go to Blogger: Blogs of Note and you will see what I mean. Below is a list of their most recent TOP Blogs (really good examples of the standard of blogging that is possible and which we should all seek to emulate);

Sexy Spanish Club in Buenos Aires |
Bird Lovers Only Rescue |
Political Arithmetik |
Juiced Sports Blog |
.: Mommy Doodles :.| |
NarelleWorld |
Tacky Christmas Yards |
"Do You Speak English?" |Radio Show:

AND BEST OF ALL (My favourite just now;... :

Local Girl's day in pictures:


I have found some very good blogging tips on the site:

So from now on this blog will more and more dedicate itself to finding good blogging "education" and learning information and material both off-line and on-line with a view to reach that interested community of people who are looking for a good resource to help them, especially at the beginning stages of their blogging career.

Happy Blogging...

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